Software Services

We produce software to the extent of your business needs through a multidisciplinary team of professionals who master the main technologies in the market and have certification in techniques and methodologies of manufacturers and international organizations.

A multidisciplinary team of professionals that dominates the main technologies of the market and has certification in techniques and methodologies of the manufacturers and international organizations, produces software as the need of your business.

We understand the business of your company, and we materialize it with the definition of functional requirements, graphic design, specification of software customizations to be developed, and finally, we execute the solution of your need by implementing the following work metrics: UCP, FPA and Men/Hour.

The company that demands of our service, disputes with efficient competitors, demanding that the creation, maintenance and evolution of Software be made with human resources, processes and structured methodologies. IVIA is responsible for these issues to deliver competitive software that supports our customers to win in their market.

Technologies and Platforms

  • Web / Internet and Intranet
  • Mobility / Smartphones and Tablets
  • Cloud Computing / SaaS and Web Services